Consumers approve of copies
Half of surveyed consumers are convinced that the responsibility to reduce the sales of counterfeits remains with the state
Results of BrandMonitor-initiated survey
[1] A social experiment conducted in 2018 with the aim to assess the impact of lexical choices on the perception of counterfeits.
The most common response from the surveyed consumers was that it is up to the state whether or not the share of counterfeits in the Russian market decreases—an opinion expressed by 44% of the interviewees. And almost half as many respondents, 18%, hold producers of genuine items responsible for the ubiquity of counterfeits in Russian stores.
buyers of fakes approve of the battle against counterfeits
Most of the surveyed Russian consumers (those with experiences of purchasing fakes) are reluctant to support the government's clampdown on counterfeits. By contrast, a quarter of the interviewees (26%) approve of the battle against illicit goods.

BrandMonitor's semantic experiment revealed that consumers are more approving of the battle against fakes than one against replicas or copies. The interviewees also shared their associations with the terms 'copy,' 'replica,' and 'fake.' For example, 'low-quality' came up the most with fakes, much less with copies, and practically never with replicas. 'Cheapness' was another common association with fakes, whereas it was barely mentioned with regard to replicas. The word 'China' was only associated with 'fake.'

Consumers have a conflicting perception of inauthentic goods. While they consider fakes and counterfeits illegal, low-quality, and cheap, they also believe that replicas and copies are almost as good as originals in terms of quality, price, and legality. We found that the interviewees are more likely to support the fight against fakes than one against replicas. In reality the words 'fake' and 'replica' describe one and the same illegal item.
Y. Vopilov
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26% of buyers of fakes support the battle against counterfeits
Survey by:
Yuri Vopilov
Angeline Levina
Anna Ilyina
Ilya Kutovoy
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