Counterfeit goods in Russia through the lens of court decisions

Analysis of the fight against fakes in Russia

Counterfeit goods in Russia through the lens of court decisions

Analysis of the fight against fakes in Russia

The survey's objective — is to visualize and analyze the fight at the court level against counterfeits in Russia (in cases of administrative and civil violations).

Data sources
Decisions of arbitration courts are publicly available. The registry of arbitration cases at records all cases tried by Russia's arbitration courts. It allows for a variety of search options: by case number, plaintiff, defendant, the start date of the proceedings, the type of dispute, the court's name, etc.

In light of these considerable advantages (openness and comprehensiveness of information), BrandMonitor launched
a study of arbitration court decisions on cases brought for the trafficking and sale of counterfeit goods in Russia.

Data coding
the data from 2017–2021 court decisions was analyzed and coded to identify the brands, amount and product type of the seized goods, etc.
Analysis of Russian regions
the survey analyzes Russian regions and the sphere of activity of the suing parties in civil proceedings for the years 2017–2021.
Rosstat data
along with the open data of court decisions, subjected to additional coding, the survey uses official data of the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat).
A database of arbitration court decisions with cases in the following categories was downloaded:

• "Administrative proceedings brought for trademark infringement"
(administrative violations);

• "Disputes concerning protection of exclusive trademark rights" (civil violations).

Coding of additional data in the court decisions:

• brand/trademark name,
• the category of the product,
• the number of seized items,
• the method in which the seized goods were disposed of (released to the defendant or confiscated),
• the value of the seized goods,
• the estimated damages to the trademark owner,
• the address of the point of retail sale or customs checkpoint where the seizure took place,
• the penalty type (a warning/fine (with amount)).

civil proceedings
administrative proceedings
the government
the government
Counterfeits are confiscated and destroyed
Number of cases
Fines awarded
Fines awarded
>₽810 mn
>₽291 mn
"Disputes concerning protection of exclusive trademark rights"
The category of disputes
"Administrative proceedings brought for trademark infringement"
Trademark owners
Suing parties
• Police
• Customs
• Prosecutor's office
• Rospotrebnadzor
• 80% – Police
• 9% – Customs
the biggest fine
₽15.8 mn
the average Police-imposed fine
the average Customs-imposed fine
the median fine
the average fine
the biggest fine
₽48.3 mn
the probability of the claim
being granted in full or in part
the probability of the claim
being granted in full or in part
the average fine
the median fine

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>18.8 mn
units of counterfeit goods. >399,000 by Police, 17.6 mn by Customs
Regions that have taken the most action
• Krasnodarsky Krai
• Moskovskaya Oblast
• Stavropolsky Krai
The most faked product categories
• sporting goods (48%)
• apparel (8%)
• toys (7%)
Anna Ilyina